=Important notice=
The sauna installed in the men's bath broke down due to improper use, so we are currently suspending operation.We have ordered a unit for restoration, but it is a special order, so it will take time to deliver, and the restart date is scheduled for the end of February.We apologize for the inconvenience and ask for your understanding.
【Official】The lowest price for direct reservations at YUZAWA SPA YUZAWA TOEI HOTEL! Echigo-Yuzawa Hot Springs open air large rock bath ryokan
025-784-2150(予約受付 9:00~19:00)

【Official】The lowest price for direct reservations at YUZAWA SPA YUZAWA TOEI HOTEL! Echigo-Yuzawa Hot Springs open air large rock bath ryokan

★July 1st year of Reiwa Renewal of large communal bath★The largest open air large rock bath area! Enjoy the mysterious open-air bath with a refreshing breeze at the source spring! Please enjoy a blissful time.
 The open-air bath at our inn is the famous large rock bath, which boasts the largest size in the area.
While taking a relaxing bath, you can enjoy the starry sky open-air bath at night and the snow-viewing open-air bath in winter.
It is a luxurious open-air bath where you can feel the rich amount of hot water and the effects of the hot spring on your skin.
 Meals consist of locally produced vegetables, wild plants, and river fish.Fresh seafood delivered directly from Teradomari and Joetsu markets.Our head chefs use their skills to bring you seasonal dishes, mainly using local ingredients from Niigata Prefecture, such as Niigata Food Niigata Wagyu /Yukimuro Aged Beef/ Echigo Hon Snow Crab.
In winter, we are looking forward to welcoming you in a good location next to the slopes.

Official website Reservation change/cancellation

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    From January 10, 2023, we have changed the accommodation reservation system for the purpose of further improving customer convenience.
    Your accommodation reservation will be valid as it is, so you can stay as per your reservation.

    【Reservation change/cancellation before system change】
    Register as a member and make a reservation : Please contact us directly by phone.025-784-2150
    Reservation without member registration : Click here or use the URL in the reservation confirmation email.

About reservations for 2023 "National Travel Assistance 'Useful! Niigata Travel Discount Campaign'"

  • "Click here for detailed campaign information"

    Accommodation period:From January 10, 2023 to March 31
    Discount amount:20% of the accommodation fee(Up to 3,000 yen)
    Regional coupon(e-coupon only):Weekday/¥2,000 Holiday/¥1,000
    Target users:People living in Japan

    ※We are currently not accepting new reservations by phone.
    ※Only internet reservations via the official website.

◆Current snow information ◆

  • Click here for information on snow cover/lift tickets/rental/ski school

    【Adjacent to the Hotel】Yuzawa Kogen ski area
    200 cm of snow in the plateau area

    【Information on skiing and snowboarding】
    All course can be skied.
    ※Cosmos sparelift is out of service.

    【Guidance of snow play, sightseeing Ropeway】
    Yuzawa Onsen Snow Asobi Park (mountain area) opened.
    Installed playground equipment:Sledding, snow racers, fluffy playground equipment, snow tubing, and snow striders.
    ※36m snow escalator/ Takahara Snow Land out of service.

    【Information on YUZAWA SNOW LINK (GALA Yuzawa, Ishiuchi Maruyama, Yuzawa Kogen)】
    ★For the time being, please use the free shuttle bus to move between Yuzawa Kogen ⇔ GALA Yuzawa ⇔ Ishiuchi Maruyama.

January and February"Recommended sightseeing tour"

  • Showa sightseeing optional tour

    This is an introduction to the tours that you can see, including the recommended pick-up service for January and February.

    Japan's Three Great Valleys "Kiyotsukyou Gorge Gorge Tunnel Appreciation" Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale Work!

    ※You can also pay with a "Regional Coupon".
    ※Please apply by 17:00 the day before departure.
    ※Please understand that it may be full.
    ※Please cooperate with the temperature measurement when boarding the bus(Those with a temperature of 37.5 degrees or higher cannot participate)
    ※Please wear a mask before boarding.Eating and drinking is prohibited and smoking is prohibited in the car.
    ※The time may vary slightly depending on road conditions.


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3459 Yuzawa, Yuzawa Town, Minamiuonuma County, Niigata Prefecture

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【car】5 minutes from Kanetsu Expressway Yuzawa IC. 2.5km
【Express bus】Kanetsu Expressway Yuzawa IC
【train】7 minutes on foot from JR Joetsu Shinkansen / Echigo-Yuzawa Station, 730 km
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About infection prevention measures of new coronavirus

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    Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, it is becoming impossible to contact and interact directly with people, but we have a thorough hygiene management system so that our customers can spend their time comfortably with safety and security in mind. Originally, we will strive to create a new era of "inns".We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

We shot the TTFC spin-off drama "Junretsu Love Yu-Nationwide Famous Hot Spring Tour" at Hotel

  • Movie “Super Battle Junretsu Jar” September 10, 2021 movie release

    Toei special effects official smartphone app"Toei special effects fan club"(TTFC)
    movies"Super Combat Junretsu Jar](Released on September 10,distribution:Toei Video)
    We shot the drama that will be distributed in the spin-off drama "Junretsu no Love Yu-Nationwide Famous Hot Spring Tour".By setting the location of the travel program, you can convey its charm while strolling around Yuzawa Town and YUZAWA SPA YUZAWA TOEI HOTELTable tennis confrontation, singing singing songs at the karaoke pub in YUZAWA SPA YUZAWA TOEI HOTEL, and of course bathing in the large open-air bath that YUZAWA SPA YUZAWA TOEI HOTEL
    The charm of each "Junretsu" member who enjoys the attractions of the hot spring HotelPlease also see ↓

CM of Toei Hotel Chain was broadcast nationwide!

  • Toei Hotel Chain will be broadcast nationwide!

    The songs played in BGM were written and composed by Toei
    Toei Hotel Theme Song!
    The lyrics of the counting song style that the female talent belonging to Toei
    It should make children and adults happy.
    January 16(Sunday)"Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger"
    It will be broadcast somewhere in the frame (TV Asahi National Net 9: 30-30 minutes), so please have a look!

    【CM broadcast commemorative campaign! 】
    Ask the front desk staff "I saw the commercial"!
    Please answer "Just Right" as we will ask you for the word.
    ➡ Soft drink ticket service for the newly opened Toei
    ~ Until June 30, 2022


  • Echigo-Yuzawa Hot Springs open air large rock bath ryokan"YUZAWA SPA YUZAWA TOEI HOTEL" Drone aerial photography

    Directly connected to Yuzawa Kogen Panorama Park! Good location!
    Ropeway tickets are available at the Hotel

    Because our Hotel is an affiliate of the movie "Toei"
    Kamen Rider Geez & Revise,Precure pretty room
    The character's room is very popular with children.₍As of May 2022)

    It is a healing spa resort space wrapped in nature, open air large rock bath ryokan Osamu open air large rock bath ryokan abundant traveling!

    As well as staying, we also accept one-day hot springs
    Please drop in at the hotel when you come to Echigo Yuzawa.

Toei Hotel's popular menu item "Miyuki Mochibuta no Yawatoro Kakuni Steamed Buns" is now available! Nationwide shipping possible.

  • "Toei Hotel Online Store" is now open!

    "Toei Hotel Online Store" has opened in the Toei Hotel Chain!
    Yuzawa Toei Hotel"Salmon set soaked in Hakkaisan's special sake lees and Echigo miso"
    A popular menu item at Toei Hotel. "Soft and tender cubes of Miyuki Mochi Pork"

    Niigata Toei Hotel"Steakhouse beef curry",
    Fukuoka Toei Hotel"Bistro Atli Basque Cheesecake"
    You can order it.
    We will deliver the Hotel's proud gems to your home and gifts.
    We can ship all over the country.

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