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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is Echigo-Yuzawa Hot Springs?

    ■ Time required Kanetsu Expressway Yuzawa (Kanetsu Expressway Yuzawa IC on Kanetsu Expressway Yuzawa)

    About 1 hour and 25 minutes Between TContinue reading
  • About Yuzawa, (Access)

    Yuzawa in conveniently located on the JOETSU SHINKANSEN (bullet train) line, around 80 minutes from Tokyo Station and 50 Minutes from NiigatContinue reading
  • Is the parking lot free?

    Guests can use the parking lot for free.

    ​Yuzawa Toei Hotel parking lot is

    ① Hotel front parking lot(30 private cars, 5 large buses)
    ② SecContinue reading
  • Can I park my motorcycle or bicycle?

    The blue sky parking lot is very wide, so even hundreds of motorcycles
    Parking is possible.
    You can park up to six approaches with a ceilingContinue reading
  • Is there parking space for disabled people?

    Handicapped parking space near the Hotel elevator
    (Second parking lot).

    We can prepare wheelchair, guest room convenient for in-facility moContinue reading
  • Is it an inn of "Kokukanren"?

    Kokukanren is an abbreviation for Japan Ryokan Association.
    At a group of 1,300 hotels and Hotel that represent Japan,
    Proud of the best faContinue reading
  • Can you send me a brochure?

    We will send you a pamphlet by mail.
    Please do not hesitate to tell us.
  • Can I leave my luggage before or after check-in?

    From 8:00 to 20:00,
    We have luggage storage.
    Even after check-in, we will keep your deposit if it is within the above time.
    There are lockerContinue reading
  • What is the extra charge for your room?

    For extra room charges (late check out or early check in),
    It costs 2,200 yen (tax included) per hour per room.

    Please use the front desk wContinue reading
  • What amenities are there?

    【In the room】
    Hand towel, bath towel, toothbrush·tooth paste, hand soap,
    Soap, yukata, Rinse in shampoo, Body Soap, Hairdryer.

    【A bathhousContinue reading
  • Can I use a credit card?

    The following credit cards are available.

    Visa, JCB, American Express, UC, DC, NICOS,
    UFJ Card, Mastercard etc.
    ※There is also the possibiContinue reading
  • Guest room Washlet is toilet?

    All rooms are bidet.A handrail is also set up in the toilet.
    All the toilets in the rooms are Western-style.
  • Is there a dryer in the room?

    Please enjoy a hairdryer with a lot of requests from customers.
    All rooms were installed.
    Also we have a hair dryer in the bath.

    * Photo drContinue reading
  • Can I massage?

    If you wish to have a massage please apply to the front desk.
    Because it is a complete reservation system (outsourced), it is not necessary Continue reading
  • Are there drinks in the rooms?

    The refrigerator in the room is an empty refrigerator.
    You can bring your favorite drink, but at the meal venue or banquet hall
    I can not brContinue reading
  • Can I stay alone?

    One person is also a hot spring inn welcomed.
    The more customers are used for sightseeing and business trips many times a month,
    It is very Continue reading
  • How is a futon raised?

    Up to now we had a futon raising at breakfast,
    A customer who wants you to sleep at ease until check out

    YUZAWA SPA YUZAWA TOEI Continue reading
  • Is there a room where you can see the bullet train?

    Both town side (town side) and slopeside side (mountain side)
    There is a room where you can see the bullet train runs.

    When you make a reseContinue reading
  • Are there amenities in the guest rooms' bathrooms?

    Rinse in shampoo and body soap are installed in the bathrooms of all guest rooms.
    Customers who can not use hot spring facilities after lateContinue reading
  • What is an electric kettle?

    "I want to drink freshly brewed hot tea! "

    In such a case, you can quickly boil the hot water you want by electricity and use it,
    It is a nContinue reading
  • What is the anniversary option service?

    We have extensive option menu (charged).
    Depending on the content, it may be necessary to book a few days in advance.

    【Main usage record】

    Continue reading
  • Can I use the Internet in my room?

    YUZAWA SPA YUZAWA TOEI HOTEL, we have installed a wireless LAN access point in this facility,
    You can use broadband line for free.

    Until noContinue reading
  • Is there an umbrella rental when it rains?

    We are renting an umbrella at the 2nd floor front desk.※There is a limited quantity
    In addition, please do not hesitate to contact our neareContinue reading
  • What is VOD (Video on Demand)?

    It is a video distribution service introduced since August 13, 2012.
    When you want to watch it, you can watch various video contents immediaContinue reading
  • Is there a wheelchair?

    Wheelchairs are available in the premises.
    I use it when I suddenly become sick.

    In addition, for foot-friendly customers, if you can tell Continue reading
  • Is there a vending machine?

    In this facility of Yuzawa Toei Hotel,
    There are vending machines for beer, alcohol, juices and ice.

    Takinosawa Minami Shop (shop),
    We alsContinue reading
  • Is there an ice maker?

    Ice machines are installed on the 6th and 7th floors of the customer floor.
    It can be used for free.
  • Is there a free spot?

    It is a free spot in the lobby in this facility.
    Please inform the front desk if you wish to use it.
    The conference room also has internetContinue reading
  • Is this facility barrier-free?

    We try to be as comfortable as possible.
    All floors can be moved by elevator.

    The largest step is one step, and there are no more than twContinue reading
  • Karaoke Pub / Sunbeam

    Powerful sound, intersecting light.Savory rich sake and seasonal taste.
    Is the adult lounge gracefully choreographed Echigo Yuzawa of the niContinue reading

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