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Rice! Liquor! fresh fish! Yeah, I'm exhausted Niigata! This is a guide to the dishes that you can enjoy the season of Echigo-Yuzawa Hot Springs

Using ingredients from the blessed mountains and seas of Niigata Prefecture
We will prepare mainly ingredients in Niigata prefecture by the skilled connoisseur of the chief chef.
With careful preparation and work that spares no effort
Maximize the deliciousness of seasonal ingredients.
We aim to create dishes that are reasonably priced and have high cost performance.

★Accepted for the accommodation plan 50 popular high in the accommodation plan contest of the Tabi produce club Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Japan Tourism Agency × Jalan Research Center × active college students).
★Popular hotel of 4 stars or more selected by customers, awarded for the second consecutive year / Rakuten Travel
★The cuisine selected by 367 million people is delicious! , Reviews ranked popular inn 125 / Rakuten Travel
★Received the Rakuten Travel Bronze Award 2017!
★Winner of Rakuten Travel Bronze Award 2019!
★Received Rakuten Travel Bronze Award 2020!
  • 【Dinner】

    2021 Summer Menu

    [Mouth beginning] Amuse
    ~Echigo Summer Hospitality Sake Appetizer~
      Green soybeans sent directly from Niigata City
      Niigata City Toyosaka"Grilled Eggplant"
      Egg tofu okra ankake

    [Appetizer]  Appetizer
    ~Eight kinds of fresh fish from the Sea of Japan and cool flavors are included~
      Turban shell sashimi liver soy sauce
      Rock oyster aspic
      Plum, dioscorea and watershield cocktail
      Seasonal blue fish vinegar 〆 
      Raw sea urchin
      Niigata's local cuisine"Neri Ego"
      Avocado miso pickles

    [Small pot] Hot pot dishes
    Summer in Niigata! Classic stamina dish whale soup

    [Seafood Dish] Fish
    Ayu confit mashed potatoes and pickled summer vegetables
    With perilla genovese sauce

    [Meat Dish] Meat
    Beef tataki straw roasted scent
     Refreshing wholesale ponzu-salad with vegetables-

    [Meal] Ricce Specialy
    Western-style cooked rice with corn
    With seasonal vegetable pickles

    [Dessert] Dessert
    Ginjo sake lees ice cream with homemade cat tongue

    The contents may differ slightly due to purchasing circumstances.
    We have a variety of local sake from Niigata.Please contact the staff near you.
    • 【Dinner】June-August 2021 Echigo-Yuzawa Hot Springs Japanese and Western creative menu"The taste of satoyama]

      4,400 yen(tax included)
      Period available:
      We currently offer two meal start times ① 17:45 to 19:15 ② 19:15 to 20:30
  • Supper buffet

  • Breakfast menu

    Japanese set meal ...  "Local taste"Echigo-Yuzawa Hot Springs"Mountain rice]
    buffet…  About 40 kinds of buffet

    ※I can not choose it.
    • 1

      Adults 1,540 yen Children 1,100 yen Infants 880 yen
      Period available:
      ❶ 7:00 to 8:00 8:15 to 9:15【Two-part system】
  • Echigo local sake(Enjoy with your meal)

  • Niigata ingredients

  • Niigata ingredients