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  2. Supper, Spring 2021

Supper, Spring 2021

【Dinner】April / May 2021 Echigo-Yuzawa Hot Springs Japanese and Western creative menu"The taste of satoyama]

  • April-May 2021 Spring Menu

    [Appetizer] Appetizer
    ❁ Assortment of 7 long-awaited spring scents ❁
      "Tara sprout" fried Koshihikari rice flour from Minamiuonuma Koshihikari (rice)
      "Tree bud" with miso
      "Udo" Kinpira
      Niigata specialty! Salted fish of the phantom gem "Akahige"
      Mi Kui from "Hakkaisan
      New potato and "Iburigakko" potato salad
      Miso-zuke of tofu and egg yolk

    [Hot pot] Hot pot dishes
    ❁ Wild vegetables and seasonal seafood clam soup shabu-shabu ❁

    [Seafood Dish] Fish
    ❁ Local wild plants and the color of Spanish mackerel Ahijo ❁ ~ With bucket ~

    [Meat Dish] Meat
    ❁ Echigo Meat Mix Plate ❁
      Niigata Wagyu bite steak
      Low temperature cooking of beef tongue
      "Koshi no chicken" thigh meat grilled in a salt pot
      Grilled spring vegetables and pork belly
      Colored vegetables and 4 kinds of flavors

    [Chopstick rest]Side dish
    ❁ Steamed turnip with crab Potage ❁

    [Meal] Ricce Specialy
    ❁ Uonuma Spring bamboo shoots ❁
    ❁ Our pickled master "Bunji-san's" Spring cabbage pickled ❁

    [Dessert] Dessert
    ❁ homemade sake lees cheese cake and Echigo Hime ❁