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Rental ski

Accommodation Features, 1F, Ski room, (Opening hours 8:00 to 18:00, )

From skis, boards, boots and wear to snow items, we have plenty to offer. Short skiing and various rental for children, please use with confidence.

  • We are preparing abundantly from boards, boots, wear to snow items.
    Short skiing and children's rental is available, please use with confidence.

2019, Rental price list

2019, Rental application form

  • Rental application form

    Term of use: December 15, 2018(soil)~ 31 March 2019 (Day)
    [Up to 2 days in advance of reservation]
    [The reception on the day is also available. ]

    ※To use advance reservation, fill out the necessary information on "Rental application form"
     Please reply by fax or email.

    FAX, 025-784-4062
    Email, hotel_yuzawa@toei.co.jp

    ※For contents change and cancellation it is up to 2 days before the use day.
    ※On delivery of the equipment on the day, we may wait depending on the congestion situation.
    ※Please understand beforehand that you may be able to wait depending on the congestion situation on the day.
    ※Payment is room and attachment when checking out.
      Cash or credit card thank you.
    Yuzawa Toei Hotel
    1F, Rental room staff