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  • 60 minutes from Niigata City. 90 minutes from Tokyo. Echigo-Yuzawa Hot Springs excellent access located in the middle.
    It is an ideal location for a class, where everyone can participate by train or car.
  • Alumni association·Class plan

    From preparation to setup so that you can spend the class at ease
    A dedicated super advisor will assist you.

    ■Choose the course that suits your budget.
    ■Signs can be prepared at the banquet hall.
    ■A name can be prepared for each room.
    ■You can play old school songs. Please bring sound sources such as cassette tapes.
    ■If you apply for more than 20 people, karaoke will be provided at the banquet.
    ■We will arrange a commemorative photo (plan be attached to the plan)
    ■You can also arrange a meal. You can make a toast with the sake.
    ■Act as secretary and guide (Compensation)
  • From the Tokyo area, from the Niigata area, the middle of each area, a meeting plan that is very popular with customers who gather at Echigo Yuzawa for a meeting. If you use the Shinkansen, you can arrive from Tokyo in just 60 minutes, so you can use it for various meetings. Leaving the daily meeting room and staying in the hot springs for a meeting will deepen your friendship.
  • For circles, graduation trips, and college student trips, leave it to the YUZAWA SPA YUZAWA TOEI HOTEL! Lots of cheap plan groups! Let's go on a trip with friends, lovers, circle friends!
  • "Friendship" training camp plan for students

    ☆Excellent location! Full activity! ! Coco is pleased!
    ①8 minutes by car from Kanetsu Expressway and Yuzawa IC, free parking.
     800m from Echigo-Yuzawa Station to Hotel
    ②There are tennis courts, golf courses, baseball fields, and athletic fields near the Hotel.
    ③ Nature around the Hotel! There are “Daigenta Canyon”, “Yuzawa Fishing Park”, and “Flower Park” Alp no Sato.
    ④ Campfire grounds are available on the Hotel site! (Compensation)
    ⑤ A vast site where fireworks can be seen!
    ⑥ A party venue for late nights is also available.