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  2. Guidance of bath work

Guidance of bath work

  • Hot spring of Toei Hotel will be renewed this summer

  • News of large public bath renewal construction
  • Thank you very much for your extraordinary patronage.
    Due to the hot spring renewal work from May 7 to July 19, 2019
    Bathing will be used alternately for men and women.
    We appreciate your inconvenience but please understand in advance.
    After the renovation we will be setting up a long-awaited sauna & jacuzzi! Please do not hesitate to ask.
    In addition, please understand beforehand because one-day hot spring can not be accepted during the period.
  • 【Work location】Second floor, Men's public bath "Aoba-no-yu"·open air large rock bath·Dressing room, June 21 Renewal Open (plans)
          Second floor, Women's public bath "Koyo-no-Yu"·open air large rock bath·Dressing room, July 20 Renewal Open (plans)

    【Construction period】 May 7, 2019(fire)To July 19, 2019 (fire)
           ※June 21, Male public bath renewal opening (plans)
           ※July 20, Women's public bath renewal opening (plans)

    【Working hours】 9:30 to 17:00 (plans)
          ※Work on loud sounds from 10:00 to 15:00.

    【Bath time】It is a replacement system for men and women. Please refer to the following attached sheet for details.
    ※The rooms are on the 5th floor or more of the hotel, so there is no problem for staying.

Warm bath facilities become more comfortable!