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  2. Infectious disease prevention measures

Infectious disease prevention measures

■□~ Request to customers ~□■

YUZAWA SPA YUZAWA TOEI HOTEL, we carry out many initiatives so that our customers can use them with peace of mind,       We offer a private stay that is not crowded.

  • ·When entering the building, please wear a mask and disinfect your hands with alcohol.
    ·Alcohol sprays are installed throughout the facility, so please wash and disinfect your hands regularly during your stay.
    ·The outside air is taken in for ventilation in this facility, so it may be temporarily outside the optimum temperature.
    ·Please understand that the Hotel staff also wear masks.
    ·If you feel unwell during your stay, please contact a staff member near you.We will make arrangements with related organizations.
    ·We are strengthening the disinfection and sterilization measures especially in the guest rooms, bathing facilities, and other areas where many people touch.There may be an alcohol odor or a hypochlorous acid odor.
    ·Please understand that we may ask you to measure the temperature.
     If you have a fever, cough, sore throat, malaise, etc., please refrain from entering unless you have a special reason.

When you arrive, please sterilize your fingers with the alcohol disinfection spray installed at the entrance.

  • Alcohol disinfection sprays are installed in various places in this facility.
  • Alcohol sanitizing spray for children

■□~Front desk/Lobby~□■

  • ●●At check-in●●
    ·Currently, we are installing a screen at the front desk to prevent diffusion.
    ·Please line up at intervals from the perspective of social distance.
    ·At the time of check-in, the procedure is simplified by paper.
     (Please understand that the staff does not guide you to your room.)

    ●●For the Hotel staff●●
    ·Health management with a face-to-face health check sheet when employees are at work
    ·Hand washing of staff, sufficient sterilization by alcohol disinfection
    ·Staff mask wear

    ※The sofas in the lobby have been changed to a spaced layout.
    ※Some kids' corners in the lobby are currently closed.
     We apologize for the inconvenience, but please understand.
    ※We are currently strengthening the sterilization of the lobby.
     Basically, the cleaning is done during the time when the customer is not using it, but there may be an odor of alcohol or hypochlorous acid.
    ※Please use the elevator for each group.

■□~ About guest rooms ~■□

  • Japanese-style room
  • Western-style Room

·Basically, use the room after waiting for "1 day".

Please be assured that the air will be replaced and the non-replaceable bedding will be provided to the next customer after a period of "1 day" after disinfecting spray with "Fabries" or "Recesse" etc. It is available.

Sterilize and sterilize for a clean environment!

To prevent contact infections during your stay, disinfect and sterilize handrails, doorknobs, switches, pillars, chairs, tables, sofas, sinks, faucets, etc. with sodium hypochlorite and wipe them clean with water! We sterilize with high-concentration alcohol in some places

The room key you give will also be sterilized.Spray daily after check-in and check-out!

Steel and plastic are said to have a longer survival time for the new coronavirus than Kibe.Carefully!


Clean the door knob

Telephone/TV remote control in guest room

TV remote control switch.Take special care to clean the handset.

Firmly disinfect the toilet.

In consideration of hygiene, we always perform careful cleaning, but after cleaning, we sterilize with sodium hypochlorite and finish with water and dry.

Antibacterial slippers are also sterilized!

Be careful of slippers that customers directly touch! (We have removed spares for unused slippers.)

Western room slippers(DX Twin, DX Triple, Kamen Rider, PreCure ROOM)

Western-style rooms at the Hotel are strictly prohibited.Please use the provided room slippers.

Room amenities

We offer bath towels, face towels, toothbrushes, pouches, yukatas, and obi.

  • No extra yukata is provided in the guest room, so if you want to change the size, please come to the front desk or call us and the staff will bring it to your room.
    ※When making a reservation, we will prepare the desired size in the room beforehand if you can describe it in the remarks column.
    ※We are sorry for the inconvenience caused by the renewal of the reservation system.

About "futon mat" when using a Japanese-style room

  • ~For customers using Japanese-style rooms~

    We are refraining from entering the room during your stay,
    The Hotel is styled by the staff laying out futons.
    (In order from 18:00 to 19:30)

    ※It is possible to lay it in advance, so please let us know when you make a reservation.


Alcohol spray at the bathroom entrance

Take a bath in the hot springs and increase your body temperature! Let's take "rest, nutrition, water, sleep" and aim at improving autoimmune power!

  • The hot springs are safe.Infectious disease experts say that hot springs and pools are not infected with the new coronavirus while swimming or bathing because the virus is diluted with water.It seems that the new coronavirus cannot fly in humid air.Increasing body temperature is important for increasing autoimmunity.Let's relax more than usual and take time to take a hot spring.
  • Ladies' public bath"Koyo-no-Yu]
    Renewal OPEN in July, 2019!
  • Tonokata Public Bath"Aoba-no-yu]
    Renewal opened in June of the first year of Reiwa!

Boasting the only area in Yuzawa"open air large rock bath]

We have a spacious, open-air, open-air bath that is carefully cleaned every day.

At the dressing room, some lockers, washbasins, and hair dryers have been discontinued to avoid congestion.

※Bath towels and face towels are not available at the dressing room of the Hotel, so please bring the items provided in the room.

While saying "onsen" is safe.Just in case, please use a space between the wash areas.

■□~ About cooking ~■□

●●Good nutrition and balance are important●●

"Nutrition" is also important for boosting immunity against the new coronavirus.Why don't you enjoy the taste of Niigata by spending time at a relaxing hot spring inn with abundant nature while avoiding the crowds of the city?

●●We will provide meals as much as possible●●

Until now, we have delivered each item freshly prepared, but we will try to serve the food as much as possible in order to reduce the number of contacts with the staff.

Dinner is a private private room! Relax in the banquet hall.

  • ※Up until now, we have delivered each item freshly prepared, but in order to reduce contact with the staff, we will offer a little food together.
    ※In case of "1 person", the room may be divided into 73 square meters and have a social distance.
    ※Depending on your application destination of travel agents, Internet plan it may become in the room took a social distance.
    ※For groups of 6 people or more, it is possible to prepare in a dedicated medium banquet hall.

We have a two-part system starting at 17:45 and 19:15.(Check-in first-come-first-served basis)

●●●Breakfast●●● Yuzawa taste is full"Japanese set meal]

(An example of a morning meal)

The breakfast venue is a "Yeovil" restaurant with sunbeams/banquet hall"Omine]

Social distance.We have a layout layout with a space.

■□~Payment is cashless~■□

Cash may have various stains besides the new coronavirus, so cashless is convenient to prevent contact infection! For various credit cards, electronic money, QR code settlement, etc.

※Check-out may be crowded depending on the time, so we recommend checking-in at check-out.

※Currently, customers are using their card readers to read their cards directly.