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Tourist information

A 2-minute walk from the Hotel, Yuzawa Kogen Ropeway platform

Yuzawa Echigo surrounded by colorful resort base.
Our Hotel staff will inform you of seasonal information from the scene!

Tourist information

  • Recommended!

    • From Echigo Yuzawa! optional tour

      A Kiyotsukyou Gorge Gorge Tunnel Appreciation Tour

      B Fresh green Naeba Dragondola aerial walk course
    • Lake Daigenta

      15 minutes by car from YUZAWA SPA YUZAWA TOEI HOTEL.
      Lake Daigenta around the base of Daigenta Canyon around around the base of Daigenta Canyon Lake Daigenta from around around the base of Daigenta Canyon Lake Daigenta is called Daigenta Canyon.
      It is loved by the Yuzawa townspeople as a place for resting surrounded by rich nature.
      The period of fresh green and autumn leaves is crowded with many tourists.
    • Yuzawa Kogen Panorama Park

      Yuzawa Kogen Panorama Park is a Yuzawa Toei Hotel 1 minute walk from the Ropeway Station the Yuzawa Toei Hotel 1 minute walk from the Ropeway Station.
      Arrived in around 7 minutes to be shaken by the world's largest 166 sea Ropeway.
      A paradise where about 1,000 kinds of Takayama alpine plants and natural treasures live.
      Here you can experience contact with real nature that only Alpinist could taste.
  • Sports

    • A skiing which you can enjoy from your beginners to experts

      Yuzawa Kogen ski area

      Hotel is a 0 minute walk to the family slope of the Yuzawa Kogen ski area adjacent to the Hotel.
      Take the 166-seater gondola instead of the lift and you can see a large panorama with an altitude of 1,000 m from the plateau area.
    • YOC Yuzawa outdoor center, Kayaking experience

      YOC Yuzawa outdoor center

      Various outdoor programs such as Nordic walk, kayak experience, nature watching, trekking, mountain bike experience etc. are prepared.
      Each one-day course includes an Italian restaurant "Taverna Vicini" special lunch.
      ※Reservation required.For details, please contact HP.
      Event name YOC Yuzawa outdoor center
      Holding date / time From late April 2018 to sequential start, there are various half day · 1 day program.
      Venues Places in within Yuzawa Town (differ depending on program and course)
      URL http://daigenta.net/yoc/
      Contact Yoc Yuzawa outdoor center, TEL.025 - 787 - 6700
    • Sports Hall of Fame, Yuzawa Chuo Park

      10 minutes by car from YUZAWA SPA YUZAWA TOEI HOTEL.Sports facilities and facilities are enriched.
      Offering lighting athletics, tennis, baseball, gymnasium etc at low prices.
      The cultural center has arenas and conference rooms and can be used for concerts and others.
      It is popular as a destination for training camps and training.There are many events as it is surrounded by nature.
  • Museum etc.

    • Folklore History Museum, Yuzawa Town"Yukiguni Museum"

      5 minutes walk from YUZAWA SPA YUZAWA TOEI HOTEL.
      Yukari Kawabata's novel "Snow country" and "Snow country" Exhibition centered on Yuzawa's life and history.
      Beyond reading novels, watching movies and theater, the Japanese painting "Snow country" is pressing deeply into my heart.
      Why do not you visit the hotel and feel the world of such "Snow country" once.
    • Echigo Sake Museum Ponshukan

      Joetsu Shinkansen·Echigo-Yuzawa Station premises.7 minutes walk from YUZAWA SPA YUZAWA TOEI HOTEL.
      A popular spot where all representative brands of Niigata Echigo's sake brewery (93) can be sprinkled.
      The sake bath uses exclusive sake, and has become a comfortable bath for everyone.
      You can take a bath with people who are vulnerable to alcohol or even children.
    • Okukiyotsu Hydroelectric Power Plant OKKY

      It is 20 minutes by car from the Hotel.Japan's largest pumped hydropower plant.
      Two dwelling towering up in magnificent nature and a mysterious reservoir.Exhibition room and experience corner.
      Sightseeing spots full of water and greenery, such as Hanamizuki Park and Nodoyavi Plaza.
      Do not miss an event for children as well.Jyo Shinetsu Plateau National Park located in a special area in Jyo Shinetsu Plateau National Park.
      ※From the viewpoint of prevention of new coronavirus infection, we are discontinuing the tour and dumb card distribution for the time being.
  • Experience

    • Yuzawa Fishing Park

      10 minutes by car from YUZAWA SPA YUZAWA TOEI HOTEL.With an artificial mountain stream of 300 m, you can enjoy fishing freely.
      In fishing spots, rainbow trout, rock fish, Yamame are caught, cooking utensils and coals (free) are also available.
      You can bake and eat the fish you caught.You can also grab on the downstream.
      A popular spot bustling with tourists during the summer.
    • Handmade experience studio, Daita Ta

      15 minutes by car from the Hotel.Experience menu including buckwheat noodles, rice flour bread making, bamboo dumpling making.
      You can taste the fun of handmade.Depending on the seasonal season and so forth, reservation is necessary depending on the experience items.
      It is a popular spot located in a place where you can enjoy the four seasons of Asahibara the same time.
      Closed every Wednesday.
      ※From the perspective of preventing new coronavirus infectious diseases, it is open only every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
      (Advance reservation required)